Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Chile's Mapuche: Seven Reasons Americans should care about remote Chilean tribes DRAFT

(This is a work in progress, expect to see changes and corrections)

Can the government give your land to someone else? 

Chile's Mapuche: Seven Reasons Americans should care about remote tribes, an opinion piece by Frank Ellsworth Lockwood

  1. The bloodshed that plagues Chile's Mapuche mirrors the unfinished saga of the American Indians.
  2. Ancestral lands: The attempts of Chilean natives to recover ancestral lands raises questions of similar issues in North America. The Indian wars and aboriginal displacement that produced America's “Indian Reservations” are still ongoing in other parts of the world and can teach us about who and what we are, or have been.
  3. Chile's policies mirror those of United States: Chile's natives are fighting and perhaps losing the Indian wars all over again, but some of the same conflicts are ongoing in USA today.
  4. USA intervention has caused or made worse conditions in Chile.
  5. Chile feeds America: Chile and other Latin nations fill our plates lunch boxes all winter long. In a real way, Coñalinco's blood-smeared face represents but one of the prices that Chilean laborers and farmers have paid for the tomatoes, peaches, grapes and other products that cannot be grown out of season in USA and Canada.
  6. Unscrupulous corporate influence won't stop at the USA border. American lands are being expropriated even as I write. Note the recent Congressional sell-offs or giveaways of native lands to corporations hungry to access America's raw materials.
  7. Insights: Recent and not so recent events in Chile provide insights into how the economic, political and corporate power structures in the United States are gnawing away at America's public lands, personal rights, and economic well-being.

Note: I have plans to finish this story soon. Please send email to for permission to reprint. Thanks.  

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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Carabineros shoot native Chilean in the face.

News about Chile: Is this how they deal with "squatters"?

National special police reportedly entered a town today, shot a Mapuche farmer in the face, left him lying in the street,  then denied the family access to him  after they took him to the emergency room. I am not clear on what kind of shots they use, pellets perhaps. Difficult to translate.

Note: The Mapuches are Araucanians, that is to say, natives of the Americas who dwell in south-central Chile and southwestern Argentina.

(I translated the opening paragraphs of the story from Spanish to English as follows. Any errors in translation are my fault. Best I could do thanks.)

During the afternoon this Monday, the 28th of September, 2015, Special Forces and or Carabinero (national police) of Chile (allegedly) made a violent entrance into the Community Coñomil Epuleo situated in the locality of Ercilla, a region of the Araucanía, with blind windowed cars, gas throwers (gas bombs?) and acompanied by an institucional heliopter.

I the midst of the breaking and entering raid, José Coñalinco was gunned down on the patio of his house in front of his family and children, with shot to his face after the shooting by the efficient police. Coñalinco was left gravely wounded on the spot while the “Carabineros” (police) retreated from the area. He was there until the members of his own community transferred him to the emergency (room) at the Hospital of Victoria, where he arrived in grave condition. The families of the community present during the forced entry denounced that even on the hospital premises new “carabineros” arrived and then Coñalinco met with police guards who allowed noone to enter to see the state in which José Coñalinco found himself, nor would the hospital release information: In that respect, they pointed out that (releasing the information) was prohibited.

Translation/interpretation by Frank Ellsworth Lockwood

P.S. I do not yet know why they shot this man but it certainly seem like a human rights violation. Would like to see an end to the violence.  


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Monday, August 31, 2015

American Presidential Politics: We have seen the clowns, but where are the magicians?

In this circus of American Presidential Politics, we have seen the clowns and the animal acts, but perhaps we need a magician.

Before the big tent folds and the lights go out, where are the men in black hats, the tricksters who will wave their wands and reveal the "real" candidates for the Republican and Democrat parties? 

I think, I hope, that both parties will come forward with viable, inspiring candidates, yet I remain nervous, waiting.. 

Sanders is inspiring to me, but old, and Trump is inspiring to Republicans (though I cannot imagine why) and he seems even more crazy/nutty than the average Republican candidate. 

So please tell me that someone is hiding beneath the white tablecloth, or inside the black magician's hat, awaiting the wave of the wand or the sprinkling of stardust that will signal the unveiling of the real candidates.

I hope this big show can amaze us with something other than a hat-full of dumb bunnies and big bamboozles.

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