Friday, December 7, 2018

A Howdy Deenie Christmas (and Racehorse Voting)

A Howdy Deenie Christmas (and Racehorse Voting)
by Frank Ellsworth Lockwood
December 7, 2018

His fist slammed down. Hard. It seemed the table must surely have cracked, and our company’s faces turned pale: For them, it must have opened a window into the daily lives of my mom, myself, my siblings, and extended family: I believe our holiday guests had suddenly lost their appetites for turkey, dressing and all the fixings. What they really wanted, I think, was out of the room, but they remained, as if frozen to their seats.

Thursday, November 29, 2018

The Guardian Versus Julian Assange: Which is the real investigative reporter?

The Guardian or Julian Assange and Wikileaks: Which is the real investigative publisher? (Or "How the Guardian fakes news").

Everybody loves the Guardian sometimes. Really! The guardian, at least, is not a partisan publication, but that doesn't mean it is a reliable source either. The Guardian, in my opinion, is out for the big story, whatever will sell copy: Their axe swings every direction.

A current example exists in the recent article, "Manafort held secret talks with Assange in Ecuadorian embassy, sources say." [Luke Harding and Dan Collyns in Quito, Tue 27 Nov 2018 09.23 EST] The main gist is that President Trump colluded with Russians, but prominently it quotes (tainted source) Alex Jones to claim that without Assange, Trump would not be president.

Blogger and Google seem to have really messed up my blogs.

I used to have different post under different headings, so there were political posts, there were religious views, there were poems and songs, there were all these different blogs that I had painstakingly written over a period of ten years or so. Now they are either gone, or jumbled up together, so that political posts are in the same blog as guitar/music and so on and so forth. Other pages are simply gone. I don't know where they put them. Too bad, as when Google took over Blogger and it became, at least as I understood it, it became blogspot and then Google did something else with it, along with our photos on Picasa. It's anybody's guess where you will find one of my articles, actually more like twenty years worth of work. Sigh. Do not trust your favorite blogging program to keep your blogs safe. That's about all for this post.

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Local Group organizing: meeting Friday to discuss Crisis Center for the mentally ill and others.

A local group of concerned citizens is organizing to push for a regional, Coordinated Crisis Response Center in Benton and Franklin Counties.  The workshop will be held Friday morning (June 8, 2018) at Claude Oliver’s office in the Tri-Cities Realty Group, 1919 N. 20th Avenue, Pasco, Washington. Please join us if you can.

The Crisis Center is needed to prevent tragedies such as the shooting death of a young man (believed to have been mentally ill) for throwing rocks at police, as well as other local tragedies. For more information contact

Claude Oliver ( or

Frank Lockwood

Meanwhile, please sign the petition if you have not done so:

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