Monday, October 19, 2015

Teacher shortage: Another result of Reagan's culture wars

I keep reading this year about a supposed teachers shortage.

Opinion: If they want more teachers they should just start treating them nicer instead of trying to replace them with even lower paid "hired" help.

The war on teachers has been ongoing since the fallacious report "A Nation at Risk."

For those who don't remember, I believe that was back when Reagan started up the engines of the right wing culture war that has devastated our nation and led to the Tea Party extremism, the doom of the USA's middle class, perpetual war, a dysfunctional Congress, illegitimate courts, tax inequity, failed social nets and more.

"I saw the enemy and he was us." (Nietzsche)

#culturewars #teachershortage #anationatrisk #teapartyextremism #dysfunctionalcongress #failedsocialnets

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