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Why Venezuela's Chavistas are fiercely loyal to Maduro, despite economic...

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AN ALTERNATE VIEW: Some international observers blocked in Venezuela, others not, but why?

Those favoring US meddling in Venezuela claim the nation's 2018 elections were flawed, corrupt, illegal or unfair. You have seen and heard that repeatedly in national news reports: Here’s what you may not have heard yet:

The American Destruction of Venezuela - The Real Story

WHY I AM NOT A DEMOCRAT (or a Republican)

Blue Woman Monster, Red Male Monster 
(Between them, they bathe the world in its own blood.)

I am a Green.
Give us Greens a forum, a platform to speak from, and will beat you fair and square. I am speaking to the Democratic Party of the United States. joined at the hip to the Republican party, and the need for a new consensus. This was originally a reaction to an article regarding AOC, entitled, "Sunrise Movement takes Green New Deal to a new level." Happy nightmares.

Attempted Coup in Venezuela with Abby Martin, Greg Wilpert, Paul Jay

Best video I have seen to date on Venezuela. We just need to be aware that these events have been planned and carried out with the direct and indirect support of the United States, interfering and taking advantage of a horrible situation. We could have been the "good guys." We could have dropped the sanctions. We could have facilitated dialogue. We could have opposed the illegal attempts to take over a democratically elected government. We could have stopped weaponizing oil prices (along with Saudi Arabia. Please watch this. It is well worth the time and certainly better for one's mind than, you know, Beavis and Butthead.



Was the demise of Venezuela's government the inevitable result of socialism, the collapse of oil prices, a coup, or something else?

We are being told all the time that the nation's collapse is because socialism is bad  (very bad), and that capitalism is good (very good) and will fix it.. I don't believe it.

~229~ The Truth About NATO, Venezuela Chaos, New Age of Censorship