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The Coming Vertical Farming Scam

OPINION: It's bound to be a bubble and a corporate takeover of the food supply, and you most likely will end up bailing out the corporate owners before it's over with.
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Russia, Russia: Righteous indignation or lust for plunder?

By Frank Ellsworth Lockwood

Ironically, the official problem the USA had with Russia used to be that they were supposed to have been a "communist" country, so the excuse for the cold war was that Russia would export communism to US trading partners and nationalize resources from which our oligarchs wanted to skim profit. But then the sham was lifted because the breakup of the Soviet Union turned Russia into a capitalist dog-fight. So now, some US war lovers are trying to play it both ways, convincing people that Russia, the great empire, is set on gobbling up other nations. The narrative may have convinced a lot of people. I am not convinced, however. Yes, it is true that, although the great Soviet Union no longer exists, Russia still has more land mass than the USA, and surely that must stick in the craw of some US nationalists.

It seems worth thinking about the fact that various groups have been advocating a similar collapse of the American federation, splitting th…

Green Semantics: Understanding the American feudal system

Forget the “Deep State,” or “Oligarchy" because we are now in a feudal system: The rules may have changed Opinion by Frank Ellsworth Lockwood
Friday, November 1, 2019

Look under America's hood, and you will find a feudal system. Comments by various Greens has convinced me that many of them may misunderstand the nature of what they sometimes call “the oligarchy” or “the deep state,” when they speak of it as one thing rather than many things interacting.

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