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Cats Rule: My Cat Wants My Chair

We have two cats. What should I do? We recently moved from the country to the city. Greyson, sensibly enough, has selected a chair that nobody else sits in. But Blackie insists that he must have my chair, in my office, where I do almost all of my blogging, research, writing and so-on. This morning we went to Winco and purchased the biggest, best, cat climbing apparatus available. It has ladders, scratching posts, hiding places/boxes, and reaches almost to the ceiling. The cats were interested in that cat toy for all of about five minutes. It fills the corner next to the fireplace (that we don't use), and Blackie fills my chair in my office! I am sure someone will say, "Close the door to the office," but that won't work, because the cat's dishes and their cage (useful at times) are kept in the office. We don't want to be tripping over those in the kitchen or somewhere else, so the office is the best spot for them. To use my chair, and hence my computer