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Minimum wage law hurts state's economic growth? Rubbish and nonsense (an opinion from the dry side).

The Tri City Herald's "Our Voice" claims: "Minimum wage law hurts state's economic growth," but  I say, "Nonsense."   The following article challenges the newspaper's assertions. Each question below is based upon a false assertion or wrong assumption that the newspaper made: 1. Will restaurants lay off employees if we raise minimum wages nationwide, as the TCH states? Answer: Yes, and the sky is falling too. In spite of the fact that Washington's minimum-wages are higher than minimum wages in much of the country, our restaurant industry is booming. The health of our entertainment industry is enlightening. As poverty increases, it seems that people turn to less expensive substitutes such as books, movies, local music and eating out, all of which are mostly low-pay industries. Restaurants do thrive with Washington's law: According to Trip Advisor , we have 396 restaurants in Tri Cities. (Chapala Express, Zinful Panini Grill &

Bloomberg's "Jewish State": bad idea for Israel, Palestine, and the Mideast

Reaction to Bloomberg's paper “Israel Palestine still can find way to divide into two states,” Tri-City Herald , January 9, 2014, page A-7. Bloomberg needs to help us change the conversation. In his guest editorial to " The Tri City Herald" he states: “It ought not to be a big deal for Palestinian leaders to acknowledge that Israel is Jewish State.” What a disgusting idea. Changing the conversation Inciting racism and religious bigotry will not accomplish stability or peace. And make no mistake, declaring Israel a "Jewish State" institutionalizes both of the above. There is (as if nobody has noticed), a difference between, say, a Jewish homeland and a Jewish State . Israel is not a Jewish state now, nor will it ever be. Israel is a modern, secular state, with religious and non-religious people: liberal Jews, Orthodox Jews, Baha'i, atheists, Muslims, Christians and other, and yes, Palestinians . A nation governed by one religion