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A Prayer to a Capitalist Saint: Please send jelly beans! Thanks.

Mr. Ronald Reagan, AKA Saint Trickle-Down
Red House, Apt #1
1600 Publican Avenue
American Haven, Global-House USA
CC to the Family of Earthlings

Dear Saint Trickle-Down

Congratulations on winning Heaven over to your views of Trickle-down Economics. This must have been difficult, given The Son's tireless -- but futile -- efforts on behalf of the poor.

Your disciples on earth have really been getting the word out!

Meanwhile, I remain a loyal fan of yours, ever since the movie, All American, in 1940. (Oops, I was born in 1944. Mark it down to poetic license.)

In 1969 I cheered as helicopters spread tear gas on students  in Berkeley, California (viewed on black and white Television of course). As governor, you were a no-nonsense role model.

I applauded your hard line as President, your fights against those awful socialists and evil communists in Afghanistan, Angola, and Nicaragua. They shunned the blessings of your "trickle-down" economics.

Your plans to protect t…