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The death of the great American waffle.

My waffle flopped! The last great waffle I ever had: That's  what's on my mind. Waffling! That is, the making of waffles. They don't taste good any more! Have you noticed that? Well, probably not unless you are over 50 years of age. Maybe this lady named "Karly" has the solution, maybe not. Her recipe certainly looks enticing, and after this morning, I intend to try it out. I would try Karly's waffle recipe right now except for one thing: Laura only has one egg left in the fridge and what do you want to bet she has plans for that egg? Oh, and I already ate. I woke up at 4 a.m. this morning and my tummy was growling, but I thought, "It's better to be hungry now than to have diabetes later." That was before I had the visions. I am not saying the visions were from the "Lord" of your choice. I started dreaming of waffles the way I used to eat them, when I was a kid. For those who may not know me, that was a long time ago (as