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War Vets and politics: Thoughts on Vietnam and Citizens United

Although 50 years have passed, I am still receiving email forwards about the "heroes" who did not receive a hero's welcome upon returning from Vietnam.

With the perspective of having lived through that era, and of having served on active duty in the US Navy from 1962 to 1964, I offer my thoughts on the subject, and tie it in to what is happening in American Politics today.

 Home on shore leave during WWII.
My Father Frank Edward Lockwood
holding me, California, USA
First, about me: I am a Vet and  third generation Navy man. My great Grandfather, Thomas John Aldridge served in the Merchant Marines for many years. (For those who don't know, merchant ships were more likely to come under enemy fire than Navy fighting-ships.) My dad served in the USN during WWII and I served aboard two USN ships: USS Los Angeles CA-135 and USS Frontier AD-25. 

Now for my comments as follows:

 I respect the Vietnam veterans for their sacrifice and love of country. They were my comrades. Just guys like me, they signed up to serve their country, and swore to pay the ultimate price to defend their homeland if need be.

Unfortunately, I think they were used for other, more ulterior purposes. 

They were victims, and the people who died on both sides were victims: victims of they American political/economic system and big-money interests who were defending what they saw as their natural rights to a foreign market. 

I think we need to get the extraordinary, corporate money out of politics, and the sooner the better.

Overturning Citizens United would be a step in that direction.


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