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The golden age of waffles: Why my waffles were soggy, and how I fixed the problem

Are you tired of soggy waffles? You might want to do what I did to get beautiful, crunchy waffles like the one in the photo below.

Let's face it: I had not tasted a good, crunchy, homemade waffle for decades. 
Oh, we had all the latest gear, but they always came out soggy, and I began asking myself, "What is it about these waffles?" Was it just my imagination telling me that the waffles used to taste better? An idea began to take shape in my mind: What if the waffle makers of today just are not as good as the vintage waffle irons? 
This morning when I saw an older waffle maker at a yard sale, I decided to find out. "How much for that waffle iron?" 
It was starting to rain and the lady at the yard sale was trying to cover things up to keep them from getting wet.
I suggested, "That waffle iron looks really old."
This was in town, but for some reason the woman seemed very "countrified" to me. She stopped what she was doing and looked at the old…