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Quips, sayings and novel expressions by Frank Ellsworth Lockwood

Short Stuff I Wrote On questioning foreign policies Most people seldom question the foreign policies of the US unless they have some kind of economic stake in the outcomes. On American Acquisions  Collectively, Americans formed an acquiring culture. On rationalizing military actions Americans' capacity to rationalize military actions knows almost no bounds. On the guy in the sky If you are on a “path to meet our creator,” you have missed the train. God is not the guy in the sky at the end of your life. God is life itself! You don’t have to wait to “meet the creator.” The creator is everywhere, all around us, in us, above us, below us and among us. Cheers. On looking for a fight? Wise saying: People who go looking for a fight will usually find one. Cheers? On ovens of denial A generation seeped in ignorance will be baked in ovens of denial, and the children will forage in the refuse of failed civilizations. On inch-worm thinking (To my Green Party friends)

Ideologues talking down to our President are overdue for a lesson in respect

A recent example of the kind of flagrant disrespect showed up in the title to Forbes' July 16, 2014 article: "Obama Administration Doesn't Seem to Understand Tax Inversions As It Tries to Stop Them." It is one thing to disagree with the President, or to seek to inform him of another aspect of an issue, but it is altogether another to try to speak down to him, as if the author were a parent and our President a child. This long into the President's administration, people like Tim Worstall should be realizing that this President's thinking is usually one step ahead of the opposition, and that he "understands" a  whole lot more than he has been given credit for. But what ever happened to respect? Personally, I am tiring of the arrogant attitude that is displayed regularly on the part of President Obama's critics. We are way past the time that they started giving him some of the credit for his keen intellect that he truly deserves. Opinion by