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Quips, sayings and novel expressions by Frank Ellsworth Lockwood

Short stuff I wrote:

Still looking for “the Guy in the sky? 
Frank Ellsworth Lockwood If you are on a “path to meet our creator,” you have missed the train. God is not the guy in the sky at the end of your life. God is life itself! You don’t have to wait to “meet the creator.” The creator is everywhere, all around us, in us, above us, below us and among us. Cheers.

Looking for a fight?

Wise saying: People who go looking for a fight will usually find one. Cheers?

Destined for denial
A generation seeped in ignorance will be baked in ovens of denial, and the children will forage in the refuse of failed civilizations.

Inch-worm thinking (To my Green Party friends)
Please let’s stop thinking in either-or, all-or-nothing terms. We don’t win or lose, we progress or we recede. We gain in smaller or larger increments, and like the little green inch-worm who climbs to the highest limbs, we despise not the day of small things. #inchwormthinking #greenparty

If I argue with myself, I usually win the argument.

On wars “sold” to the public
If a war is such a bad idea that it must be “sold to the public,” you can bet it is an unnecessary war.

Merchants of death
For the merchants of death: One exuse is good as another to sell guns ... or anything else for that matter, up to and including wars.

Resisting the system
When I see that the two-party system has been hijacked by unconcienoous, irresponsible and corrupt corporate/business elite, who see the world as their possession by natural or divine rights, I feel I have no option but to resist that.

Dog fights
If you are going to get into a dogfight, please come out snarling and snapping.

On duty and truth
We have a duty to speak our truth, but an obligation to listen.

Our truth versus The Truth
It is important to speak our truth, but to keep in mind that our truth is never The Truth. There is almost always more to the story than we ever imagined.

The human “nose” 
The human “nose” should be able to detect things that stink.

On election results
People have an enormous capacity to fool themselves. I should say, “To fool ourselves.” We are rarely aware that we are doing this.

On perceptions
It is so easy to believe the world matches our own biases and perceptions. It often doesn’t.

On the high seas of global politicking
What if, on the high seas of global politicking, every blustering general were kept afloat by a cluster of corporations and banks, all fomenting wars? Huh? What then? #war

Take advantage of the confusion
The Democrat and Republican parties are falling apart at the seams in 2016. It would be a real shame if we did not take advantage of the confusion, in order to make good things happen.

War does not make us "who we want to be" 
Someone once told me: "In peace we find who we want to be: In war we discover what we are."
Not so.

In reality, in war we are transformed into what we never should have become: It is a diabolical transformation. And later, when we want to become our best selves, we simply cannot undo the makeover.

On remembering voices:
remember voices from when I was ten years old. Especially that of Ben Roskoni. His booming voice resonated like a trumpet through his over-sized nose. When he spoke, the cabin shook on it's stilts, and everyone laughed along with him. (FEL 01/27/2016) (Revised June 28, 2016

Perceived threatsIn politics, as in religion: "Not every perceived threat is real." (FEL June 28, 2016)

I always like to put in my quarter's worth, even if it isn't worth two-cents! (FEL Dec. 11, 2015)

From a religious perspective "Everything is The Word of God." From a non-religious perspective one might say, "Everything is The Good Book." 11/11/2015

Facts and Debates

When I was a kid, I used to wonder how people could be so smart, to have all these facts and figures on the tips of their tongues in debates. Now I know: They make them up!

Cheers, and God Bless America.


Older Stuff
We are all on a path to more truth, though sometimes we are at different places along the way. (Not original, I know)

The important thing is not to get hung up in a comfortable spot: We should not be afraid to move along with the truth as it becomes apparent to us. (From The Truth 07/27, 2014

Resist the devil: He may not flee from you but he will be shown for who and what he is. (From Resisting the Devil, 11/21/2014

My Dad's Sayings

"Most people just don't know when they are well off." (Frank Edward Lockwood, 1921 - 2007)

"You just don't know when to keep your mouth shut." (Oh, Dad, you were so right. And I still have not learned!)

"Too soon old and too late smart"

"We are good neighbors: He minds his business and I mind mine." (Oh Dad, the two seem to overlap nowadays.)

"If the President of the United States says something, you can bet your life that it is true." (I know, I know, he changed his mind later.)

"If you know there is going to be trouble someplace, stay away from there."

"You didn't hold your mouth right." He always said that when I was fishing and did not get any bites.

"If the bucket has a hole in it, you better plug that hole." (With reference to money and budgets.)

"If you keep doing that you are going to end up in the poor house." (Whenever I was wasteful with money.)

"Don't tell me: Show me."
"People just like to scare themselves."

"Some people, if they had a brain they would take it out and play with it."

"If you make your bed hard, you will have to lay in it."

"Don't shit in your own nest."

My Mom's Sayings

"Everything is just peaches and cream." (When things were going well.)

"Your father is the king of this house!"

"Your father knows best" (Sometimes spoken when she perhaps disagreed with him.)

"Think happy thoughts" (When she was putting us to bed.)

My Great Grandfather's Sayings
"Eat it; it is good for what ails you."

"Eat what's set before you."

"Ho, ho, ho." (Meaning unknown but he would repeat this over and over sometimes. I suspect it is what he said when he disagreed with whoever had been mouthing off -- expressing contrary views -- in the room.)

"You would kick if they hung you with a new rope." (If I complained)

"Eat it, that's the best part for you." (Speaking of things like, apple peelings, bread crusts etc.)

"Why, that's the best part for you!" (Spoken concerning apple peels, bread crusts etc.)

"He's just bored: Give him some work to do." (If I was cranky.)

"Pick that bone clean." (If I wanted more meat.)

"If you were still hungry that (chicken) bone would be clean as a whistle."

"Have some more (peas, green beans) " (If I was still hungry after dinner. He knew I hated peas and had an aversion to green beans as a kid."

More to come:
More quips, sayings and novel expressions to come soon, so please be sure to "follow." Thanks

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