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Agriculture Discussion: Washington state's apple conundrum: A pie with many thumbs in it.

In Washington state, we are up to our necks in agriculture, which spells trouble. We have had it up to here, from Apples to Immigration, from Tea Party to the Coffee clan.

The trouble with apples (in fact, with many kinds of fruits and veggies), is that they must be picked.

Today's Tri City Herald ran a story declaring an emergency caused by and early, bumper crop and a shortage of pickers. We see some version of this story here in the Columbia Basin almost every summer or fall, but apparently the problem is exacerbated this time by the coincidental confluence of Tea Party politics, the abundance of nature, and the wily ways of the so-called "laws" of supply and demand.

I posted the following comment (with some changes made here) on my Facebook page:

The American Way.
Immigration is way down. Tea Party should be happy: Orchard owners here in Washington probably are NOT.
An early and abundant crop is ripe and bulging at Washington orchards this year, but nobody seems to w…