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USA Police system obsolete: Antonio Zambarno-Montes of Pasco, WA is the last straw

Valentines Day 2015 Protests in Pasco Washington Police who shoot-to-kill inappropriately are the result of failing cop-cultures. The Pasco police shooting of Antonio Zambrano-Montes in February 2015 is, or should be the last straw: The way our policing is done in the USA is not only obsolete, it is obscene.

Opinion: Splitting the Northwest into homogenous blocks is bad idea

Frank’s thoughts on the new proposal to re-divide Washington, Oregon. Again. This proposal comes up periodically. This time two Tri-Cities legislators have proposed to split the Northwest, according to a Feb. 11, 2015 Tri City Herald article, Section B. So they want to split the Northwest Region into competing, homogenous states. Have they really thought this out?