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Advice to an old guitar player with conservative political leanings

Tune up the guitar, keep playing, stop whining!

I went to visit an old guitar buddy a while back, because I had not been hearing from him lately. The visit turned sour rather quickly.

Actually he had a valid point at first: A neighbor had built a fence in his property! Not just a few inches inside the line either: In fact, the culprit, a woman, has built two parallel fences, what looked to be about 25 feet inside the line. He had tried to stop her, tried to tell her but she refused to call the project off, so he hired a surveyor.

She didn't care. She was there building on his place when he called the cops over. They tried to explain to him the nuances of the law as they interpreted it. It was not a criminal case, it was a civil matter they said.

"What do you mean? Not criminal? How about if I go over there and start building fences on her side?"

The cops said, no, don't do that. Hmm. So now he is getting attorneys involved and etc.

So far, so rational, but then he started on the rampage. Everything was wrong. We have Obama destroying the country, he said. All these college educated people are immoral and ruining the country and so on. He started blasting the universities.

Now, don't mistake me, I see plenty that could be improved in the university system, but he was on a different trajectory: Education, basically, was the downfall of our country, according to him. He was against the science,blaa blaa blaa, and I began to see where this was headed.

"Would you send your kid to a university?" He wanted to know. Demanded to know, really.

My eyes shifted up, involuntarily, to   the tops of a row of Australian  willows that he had planted here and there. Thirty foot tall weeds, in my estimation."

Truth time. Well, yes I would, in fact one of my kids went to Harvard, another went to a highly rated engineering school called Harvey Mudd, and my youngest had just graduated from a university with a doctoral degree in psychology.

An incredulous stare. Then the rant continued, with hints of inevitable, impending revolution and so-on and so-forth.

When he stopped to catch his breath I excused my self. "Well, I will be going now." Mumbled words from both of us, I still don't know what either of us said, but I managed to get into my car and thankfully it was a Japanese vehicle, a Toyota, so it started and off I went.

To make a long story short, keeping the old friends is getting to be more and more of a problem, but making new ones is a challenge too, as I live in a really red neck of the woods. Actually, not woods. Desert.

Tri Cities, Washington, where we both live, is an area where nearly everyone is supported directly or indirectly by the government: Government funded projects at Hanford, McNary Dam, and the now defunct Umatilla Chemical Depot  have made this area the envy of other cities in the region. Hanford is the place where they made the nuclear fuel for the first atomic bombs. So we have all of these people, like my guitar buddies, who by their own admission have been like leeches, sucking the government dry. Yet they are vehemently anti-federal government.

Go figure.

Some of them are really smart and glib too.

Others, many other are just plain ignorant and anti-intellectual:  anti-science, anti-schools, anti-education, anti-Social Security, anti-Medicare, anti-national health care, anti anything Obama ... and so-on. In fact the word "anti" defines them  to a "T." Or should I say, to a Tea.

I said all that to say this: If you are an older guy or gal, and if you live in Tri Cities, and if you know what Act Blue is all about, or, and if you want to play the guitars, informal, living room or in the park type jams, just give me a shout. Comment on my blog.  See my Facebook page (

Let's just play the guitars and leave the sniveling for your quiet time with God, or booze, whatever you lean on. Cheers. .

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