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How long is your nose? Groupie Liars, Hard Core Liars and other types of liars defined

Is it my imagination, or have the number of Groupie Liars increased exponentially in the last six years? You may be wondering: What are Groupie Liars? 

Groupie Liars Defined
Groupie liars may be ignorant and probably do not really care to know if the messages they spread are true or false, so long as those messages support their cause or ideology.

Groupie Liars may not really want to know the truth. Many of these will happily spread group lies to promote their own religious or political views. Often these people belong to religious or political groups. Political liars and religious liars are everywhere. Most Groupie Liars can easily identify the lies of their opponents, but are blind to their own group's lies. 

Hard Core Deliberate Liars
Hard Core Deliberate Liars (HCDL): These are the people who actually know that they are spreading lies, and do it anyway. Often these people are in positions of influence and power.

HCDL liars might lie about a product in order to make the sale, and they may deliberately cover up defects or dangers to the consumer or to their employees.

Worse than this, they may start wars in order to profit from their lies. They may incite religious wars, fears and hatred in order to promote their own interests or to gain adherents.

HCDL liars can be seem very nice and personable, but really they are the most vicious of all liars.
Watch out for Hard Core Deliberate Liars and strive not to become a Groupie Liar either.

Convenience Liars
Most common is the liar of convenience. Convenience Liars may lie  to get out of trouble or to avoid embarrassment, but it usually backfires on them.

Most of us have probably have made the mistake of being a Convenience Liar at one time or another, and it is best to avoid situations where you will be tempted to lie.

Maybe lying makes some bad people feel good, but I cannot say: I do not know that for sure.

Lying does make good people feel bad. Nobody wants to feel bad.

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