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Opinion: Splitting the Northwest into homogenous blocks is bad idea

Frank’s thoughts on the new proposal to re-divide Washington, Oregon. Again. This proposal comes up periodically. This time two Tri-Cities legislators have proposed to split the Northwest, according to a Feb. 11, 2015 Tri City Herald article, Section B.

So they want to split the Northwest Region into competing, homogenous states. Have they really thought this out?

Shall we cut the flag up into strips? You choose: red, white or blue?

Each state has its own laws. Whose laws will prevail: Oregon’s laws, or Washington’s laws?

Each state has its own retirement plans/programs with different contracts and rules.

Each state has its own health care and health insurance plans, no doubt with different rules.

Each state has its own Forestry program, militia/National Guard, police forces, banking and insurance laws, court systems, Veterans programs and Departments of Environmental Quality. Whose will prevail? Who decides, and how will this be done fairly? And what happens to those who don’t like the changes? They move?

Surely, some would like an all-Republican or all-Democrat state, but where does it all stop?

Sure, it is about tax money. Certain folk, thinking they are getting a raw deal, would throw the entire region into economic and political turmoil to get their own way.

Then what?

Should each disgruntled town declare independence?  Should blocks of counties secede from the newly formed states? Should the entire nation be split into pockets of red and blue governments? (It is almost that way now!) What about non-conformists: Paint them white?

As was with our Civil War, it is incomprehensible to me that Americans could not compromise and cooperate as one people: We need to maintain our national/state/local identities while ensuring reasonable and rational representation for all. Having said that, this being a democratic nation means that nobody will get everything they want every time. Deal with that, but don't cut up the flag.

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