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Is a learning styles approach to education best for your child?

A learning styles approach is good or just okay for some kids, for others it may be essential.

Is your child struggling with the present approach? Perhaps something entirely different in order. A proper teaching approach, guided by a simple learning styles inventory, has launched many children into the exciting world of academics, minus the stigma of early failure!

Is your child failing or having discipline problems in school due to an improperly designed curriculum? Did leaving no child behind leave your child behind? Once lost scramble toward benchmarks and politically motivated school reforms, learning styles approaches should now be given a closer look.

If your child has been struggling in school, a Learning Styles Inventory approach might result in a happier, more enjoyable childhood, with  earlier success in reading, math and more. Schools may be reluctant to go along unless they have proof that your child needs a special program, and a learning styles inventory might provide the evidence you need to convince them to give it a try.

The Naysayers

In spite of the hype over he application of " learning styles" in childhood education, and the necessity for some children, approach as a movement has been under heavy attack for decades now, as has public education itself.

And small wonder: Teaching students in the ways they learn best can be more expensive and time consuming. To implement the approach also requires special training  and motivation on the part of the parent, child and teacher. Furthermore, as with all education approaches, the enthusiasm of the teacher in implementing any approach can make or break the research results.
A few important considerations.

What you Should Know About Negative Research Results 

  • Researchers, like everyone else, have their biases
  • Researchers often have their funding sources and their political/ideological views to protect.
  • Researchers are not always limited to studying quality programs.
  • Some researchers may be dedicated to other approaches and work harder to make them succeed.
  • Teachers dedicated to making the approach work have gotten amazing results from LSI (learning styles inventories).
  • Earlier researchers in LSI approach were highly competent, well qualified, and had decades of data and research results to back their claims.
  • The attacks began in earnest after many of the giants in this field were going into retirement years. Before that, one could stand up to their logic, and more importantly, to the test results that they offered as evidence. Properly implemented programs have been overwhelmingly successful in my opinion as a retired educator.
  • Learning Styles Approaches are better for most students, if not all, but they are essential for a certain percentage of the population.

What  Else You Should Know about the Resistance to a Learning Styles Approaches

  •  Resistance is based upon self protection and economics, not upon the need for higher learning for all students.
  • Many teachers are understandably reluctant to fully implement a plan that requires more effort on their part, even though it may make learning easier for their students. 
  • Administrators and politicians may feel that LSI is too expensive difficult to implement across the board to all students.
  • LSI approach may be the difference between success and decades dismal failure for some students.
  • LSI may be critical to some students: Early success is a critical factor for all school children in terms of how they view themselves and their ability to succeed in their world
  • LSI probably can enable  many (otherwise failing) students to succeed and have a more well adjusted childhood in my opinion.
If an LSI is, indeed, appropriate for your child, there is no reason he or she should be struggling along with needless difficulties in school. If all else has failed, you have nothing to lose really: I recommend having your child take a learning styles inventory today.

Note: Frank Ellsworth Lockwood, Education MS,  is a retired, public school resource room specialist in migrant and bilingual education and a past endorsement in diagnostic and prescriptive reading from Eastern Oregon University in Oregon, USA.

Disclaimer: Frank Ellsworth Lockwood is retired and not presently employed by or associated with any educational or academic institution: I receive zero income or remuneration or funds  from any source of educational materials or training as of this writing. This article is based solely upon  years in education and is my own, I hope professional, opinion.

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