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Opinion: Kennewick Irrigation District water conservation plan needed but presently has flaws

Note, dated opinion piece. The below article may no longer apply.

Since I first wrote the article, the irrigation district has changed the watering schedule several times. I have not contacted them about this, but it would appear that they may be experimenting to find the approach that works best for them and for the customers.

Meanwhile, the Tri-City Herald keeps updating their stories. You might want to look for more information there ( or at Kennewick Irrigation District (

Opinion: Drought conservation plan as reported in the Wednesday, May 20, 2015 Tri City Herald, revealed flaws that I would like to see addressed.

I believe we do need to conserve water during this drought, but there may be better ways to approach this.
The plan as presented would allow some residential homeowners double or triple the amount of water that others could get, and would needlessly waste of water in some neighborhoods.It also might also turn some neighborhoods…