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MUSH FOR BRAINS PART II is a continuation of “Mush for Brains Part I,” and begins with the options that were available for President Obama in dealing with the ISIS crisis. It concludes with a very short discussion of client states or nation-building.


Option 1: Abandonment
One option we had was to abandon Iraq and Syria entirely, leaving others to fight over the scraps and to slaughter one another in great melees.

History would have recorded the following:

The USA started wars, bombed nations, removed governments and left Iraq and other places in chaos, which opened the door for ISIS and other factions. These factions went on to raid, shoot, bomb, behead and so-on, unchecked.

Well, some of that may have happened already, but not all. At least not yet. We are checking ISIS and so is Russia.

Abandonment: Neither Democrats nor Republicans liked the thought of the abandonment narrative; nor do I. But we felt we had to do something so we did something that seemed least intrusive at the time: We gave limited help to those who were supposed to be setting up their own democracies in Iraq and in Syria. That, of course, was before Russia's Putin stepped in with bombing of ISIS in Syria, and his military actions in defense of Bashar al-Assad's   totalitarian regime in Syria.

Option 2. Colonization and client states
The very thing that started the American Revolution was a second option. Certainly there could have been other options but given our inability inspire or coerce people into forming-and-defending self-supporting democracies, I skip over those options. 

Which: colonies or client states? 

Americans do not like anyone to use the words "colony" or even "client state" to describe our efforts. We prefer the euphemisms such as partners or allies, but we have given both terms the smell of mush, or even the stench of poop.

Colony – A country or area under the full or partial political control of another country, typically a distant one, and occupied by settlers from that country.

Client state -- A state that is economically, politically, or militarily subordinate to another more powerful state in international affairs. Types of client states include: satellite state, associated state, puppet state, neo-colony, protectorate, vassal state, and tributary state.
In spite of huge and extravagantly costly efforts to do so, we failed to create successful USA-backed puppet regimes in Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq, and now it appears, Syria. Given our track record, if we magically could set up a state government in the Mideast, what type of state could it possibly be? A colony? A client State? An independent nation?

Good luck on that last one, given that we have been continuously at war for most of my life (I am seventy-one). Where is the list of independent nations we have fostered, nations that not require US aid, financial or military aid?

Even Israel: In a sense, even Israel is a colony, created by Britain and sustained by the USA. Perhaps Prime Minister Netanyahu wants to change that: Sometimes he acts as if he wants to turn the tables now and dictate foreign policy to the USA, as I alluded to elsewhere in this article. But I digress. At the least, Israel is a client state of the USA, so listed for her economic, military, and sometimes foreign policy reliance on the U.S.

People complaining about US foreign aid, seem to think the aid goes to feed and clothe the poor (and even so they oppose it). But most of the big moneys go into defense, or fighting wars, and especially to Israel. What we call "foreign aid," does not feed and shelter the impoverished. Instead, it spreads was, killing, mayhem, and even murder.

Israel is a case in point: Typically USA sends Israel some $ 3-billion in foreign aid annually, mostly for military assistance. Yet during Israel's (2014) Protective Edge, the UN reported, at least 2,104 Palestinian died, including 1,462 civilians, of whom 495 were children and 253 were women.

Our foreign aid is not aid at all: Often it is blood money for hired, killer groups or killer nations. (And then we wonder why the victims don't like us?)

The disconnect between US theories and foreign realities

"But they dropped their guns and ran!

This lament sounds familiar to US vets from conflicts ranging from Vietnam to Iraq, and we are likely to hear it again any time we attempt to set up and train a foreign army or to prop up a puppet government.

In contrast, a US soldier claimed not log ago,Where there is the sound of guns, that is where I want to go. I want to move in that direction. Naturally our troops are amazed when the allies whom they have just trained, drop their weapons and run whenever an ISIS unit appears.

"Why they are not loyal?" our soldiers wonder. "Why do they just run away before a gun has even fired?"

I don't know the answer but I suspect these clients of the USA may not be fully committed to American ideologies. It may be that Give me liberty or give me death means something different to them than it does to our soldiers. These  hired guns may be just trying to survive!

Meanwhile, we go about trying to create client states around the globe: This is what I would call mush-for-brains. 



"Option 3: Quagmire and chaos" 
Please watch for "Option 3 ..." which is yet to come. 

In PART III I will also discuss money-pits (why your taxes are too high), brief thoughts on Putin's attacks on ISIS, and why we should give peace a chance.

Thanks for viewing my opinions. I will welcome your opinions in comments as well.

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