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Read a report earlier today that makes me think Mass. Gov Charles Duane "Charlie" Baker, Jr  wants the world to stop spinning while he gets up to speed on refugee processing: He reportedly said he opposes the administration's refugee plan "until more is known about the vetting process."

Nothing really new here
Yoo hoo: USA has been vetting refugees since the 1700s:

 The process is no secret and it is not something new. Plus, there are multiple web pages dedicated to the subject. All the Governor has to do is make a simple internet search,

Enhancing the laws
What is new is that The House will vote Thursday to enhance oversight of the screening process for refugees from Syria and Iraq. It is always good to be wary of Republican enhancement.

This is nothing new either. With every wave of refugees there is another backlash of fear, anger, and special legislation to deal with the "intruders."

When Congress addresses this, watch for the xenophobes in action.

Below is one of the numerous sites discussing refugees:

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