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Think twice before Texas Governor rewrites the US Constitution, or throws it out altogether.

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In my day I have known a number of good old boys to make the claim, "The South Shall Rise Again."

Is this it? Is the South planning to "rise again," as Southerners have been proudly predicting ever since the Civil War?

Texas governor has been calling for a Constitutional Convention, designed to throw off the perceived bondage imposed by the Federal government and supposed "liberals." Not only is he serious about this, but I understand that 34 states have joined in the call.


Would you trust the Texas governor and his cohorts to rewrite the Constitution, or to throw it out altogether and put states in charge of everything? Not me.

States rights
was once a code word for institutionalized racism. This is yet another call for a return to the call for states rights, the meaning of which is, "Get the federal government out of our hair." Would you trust this? I don't.

The goal seems to be to put the states in charge of everything from human rights to postal services, not to mention banking, health insurance (or the lack thereof); gun controls (again, or lack thereof) and more. 

Environmental laws? Will they want to leave those up to the individual states too? (You can bet on that.)

If they get their way, I predict that American foreign policy will soon be an even bigger mess than what we have seen in the gruesome past. The Presidents, and especially a natural leader like President Obama, would not be able to do what Presidents do ... they would not be able to lead the nation or to create foreign policies. Will the President also lose the power to veto bills, effectively removing one of the checks guaranteed by the "old" Constitution?

The very concept of rewriting (destroying?)  the Constitution, as the cornerstone of a movement to restore us to the Constitution is suspect at best.

Instead, of taking away our guaranteed rights, I would like to see the Governor address undue Corporate influence. Will that be included in then new Constitution? (Hint, don't bet on that.) How about institutionalized police racism? You can bet they want to leave that up to the states.

Before we ditch the benefits of having a strong Federal Government, I hope people in favor of this movement will begin to consider the known and unknown ripple effects, and to think about the rights and benefits that they will intentionally overthrow. Maternity leave? Equal pay for equal work? Minimum wages? Mother Texas presumably knows what is best, as do the other states.

Surely, the proponents will make unfounded claims. Few will really understand what this is going to do to the economy, or to the working class. The gullible probably won't understand until it is too late, assuming Texan leaders are able to pull it off.

At the very least, before doing something like this, the People of the United States deserve a chance to review three things (created by bipartisan committees): an economic impact statement, a health impact statement, and a human rights impact statement. Make no mistake, there will be winners and losers.

Be sure to follow the money trail.

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