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No repentance, no love lost, no more faith in the DNC

My reaction to Bernie Sanders law suit: Sanders followers have sued the Democratic National Convention and Debbi Wassermann Schultz for their roles in alleged voter fraud in trying to support Hillary Clinton while dealing with Sanders.
As for me and perhaps others, we are still dealing with the bad feelings.
I suspect that this problem, this trust issue with the Democratic, this revelation of the Party's basic dishonesty, is not going to go away any time soon, but I have seen no signs of repentance, only anger at having been caught, only resentment at Sanders supporters for calling them out.
I don't know what the DNC could do to make this right at this point, to make up for the alleged election fraud, so it is a mess. I suspect that the Party at some point must have made an educated guess that they could get along without us, without Sanders' followers. But then they must have had second thoughts and so they started lashing out at us, chiding us, lecturing us, sometimes to the point of browbeating.
This much I know: Bernie Sanders did not cause this, and his followers did not cause this. The Democratic power structure, the power brokers themselves caused this, and I don't know what can be done. Things will never be the same again, and I don't know what would restore the trust in the party. It is a tough problem for all of us Progressives and should be one for the Democratic Party too, including Clinton fans.
And Hillary supporters are right, this issue, this division, could cost them the election.
But please let's not blame the victims: Bernie supporters and all honest Democrats are the victims, as are the poor, misguided people who think that Donald Trump -- or that whoever the Republicans decide to run -- is the answer.
There has been no repentance that I know of, no genuine sorrow on the part of the Democratic movers and shakers, no real attempt by the party to address the horrific wrong that is felt by jaded Sanders followers. The Democrats must have figured they could do without us. No heart felt asking for forgiveness. No tears shed. No admission of guild. And Wassermann plays musical chairs.
Please don't blame us if your coalition falls apart. You are the ones making it happen, and then making things worse by blaming Bernie Sanders supporters for their lack of support.
Sure, some of us may vote for "the lesser of two weevils" as one of my friends put it. Others probably will not. And the long term result cannot be good for the party nor can it be good for the country. I am really sad about this but I can't just get it out of my mind.
I want to vote for the person who will support progressive ideals, but I sure would like to feel good about it, and right now I simply don't.

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