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Reaction to Ben Carson's Karl Marx statement

Ben Carson on my Facebook page  (via "The Washington Times") said this:
Like Karl Marx, today's political leaders believe they must force their theories onto we the people. They've decided we are simply not smart enough to understand what is "good" for us." 

My reaction ...

The truth is, all political groups force their ideas on the populaces they serve. As a politician, Ben Carson does that to, or would attempt to do so.

That is what government does: That is what government  is designed to do, regardless of which party happens to be in power.. There are no governments that I know of that do not do this, and I think there never will be.

Good governments versus bad governments

A good government will try to build a consensus about what is important to the people. An evil government will pervert the message in order to suit corporate moguls or wealthy individuals who want to use the government to enrich themselves.
The pertinent question we must ask politicians is this: What are your priorities? Is the priority war, world-wide control that feed lucrative government contracts, often without regard for human lives?

Or doe the priorities serve the general welfare of the populace? That's the apex from which we start our slide off into political actions.

As to being stupid or smart enough to understand what is good for us, the remarks by politicians, including Mr. Carson, do not always help us in this regard, in my opinion.  Beware of political "maps" that do not fit the territory, and of action plans that do not bring about the promised results.

Karl Marx like decades of Republicans, have always put teeth into their ideologies.

Examples that come to mind are trickle-down economics, the Iraq war, and the disastrous "War on Drugs.".

Yes, I am all in favor of Americans being informed about the intents and possible consequences of government policies and actions, especially military involvement. Beware the Ben Carsons of the world: There is a world of difference between taxation for social programs that benefit everyone, universally, versus bully governments enforcing unpopular wars, unwilling standing armies, and world-wide carnage.

Yes, indeed we are "smart enough" to govern ourselves were it not for  the lies and propaganda of politicians financed by lucrative war machines. Need I say more?

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