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A Greenie's letter to a Progressive Democrat

Dear (Friend's name),  I like you as a person from what I have read, and I am sure we share many of the same values.   It seems, however, that we disagree about the usefulness of the two-party system to accomplish the progressive goals that you have held since the 1960s.  You say that we progressives must work within the Democratic Party, whereas I say the two-party system is not serving the public well, and probably never will. Here are some lessons we have learned the hard way:

How Not To Waste Your Vote: A Mathematical Analysis

Note: This article is reprinted by the express permission of the author Stephen Weese During this especially contested election, a lot of people are talking about people “wasting” or “throwing away” votes. However, many people who say this do not have a complete grasp of the full mathematical picture – or worse, they are only mentioning the part that supports their position. First let’s define what a “wasted” vote is.

Watch the Green Party Grow: Thoughts on creating a new, revolutionary, grass roots political party that will dominate America in the near future

Watch the Green Party grow: If the word continues to gets out, and I think it just may, we could actually replace the Democratic Party as one of the dominant parties of America, and don't try to tell me it cannot happen. Some people are mocking us, but our secret is that we don't care:

How America Went Wrong: We taught the answers, rather than encouraging the questions

(This opinion article is about asking the right questions in order to save America. ) My name is Frank Ellsworth Lockwood. I am a Greenie! I support Jill Stein and the #GreenParty and I plan to continue to do this, regardless of who I may vote for in they upcoming elections  This article explains just one of the reasons why.