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A Greenie's letter to a Progressive Democrat

Dear (Friend's name), 

I like you as a person from what I have read, and I am sure we share many of the same values. 
It seems, however, that we disagree about the usefulness of the two-party system to accomplish the progressive goals that you have held since the 1960s. 

You say that we progressives must work within the Democratic Party, whereas I say the two-party system is not serving the public well, and probably never will. Here are some lessons we have learned the hard way:

We must replace the Democratic party with a party that is not beholden to corporate money or swayed by lobbyists waving wads of greenbacks in their faces. Bernie Sanders almost succeeded but his mistake was in trusting the Democrats to keep their agreements, to run fair and unbiased primaries. They did not do that. 

As you implied, the two-party system has colluded to make things worse, not better. Especially egregious was Citizens United, which was the natural outcome of the two-party lock-hold on American politics, the winner-take-all-approach etc. 

I agree with you that things are not getting better, they are getting worse. Forty, fifty, sixty years or 100 years, I don't see the present system fixing itself. 

The Democrats are so fixated on maintaining their grip on power, their grip on the system that they will sink separately rather than bail together with Progressives. Look into the revelations regarding this revealed in Wikileaks. Many progressives, including myself, believe that the DNC participated in fraud rather than take a chance on Progressives controlling the direction of the party. That's the reality of American politics. 

And we are running out of time to fix things. We are running out of time because the middle class is constantly losing ground, losing political power to the moneyed interests, but we cannot sustain these losses forever. The time, as I see it, is not far off when it will be altogether too late to right the boat. Unless we act fast, we are going to drown in a sea of corporate greed matched only by the machinations of the world's wealthiest individuals. 

We can only fix that by a groundswell of progressive support. Bernie Sanders was a spark that ignited a movement within the Democratic party, a movement that threatened to burn down the supporting structures of the unfair system: Things like corporate ownership of the government etc., things that have been discussed ad infinitum elsewhere.  

You keep telling me that progressives must work within the Democratic Party, but when Bernie tired to accomplish progressive goals his inside the Democratic Party, the DNC opposed this whole heartedly. 

I believe the DNC tried using Bernie to keep Progressives inside the Democratic party, where they could be controlled and even thwarted. When it looked like Bernie might actually win, they started to panic. They resorted to, as many people believe, to fraud and certainly to attempting to defeat Sanders from within the DNC in spite of contracts in which they agreed not to do that. Many people suspect that Bernie actually won the election were it not for fraud and dirty tricks when it came to vote counting, premature announcements and so on.

Whether or not that is the case, in the end, the DNC, unable to prevent a massive exodus from the party, succeeded in splitting the progressive movement into three parts. I don't think this happened by accident. The Democrats at the top wanted to hold on to power, and that was more important to them than breaking up the big banks, than stopping wars, than guaranteeing workers a living wage, than eliminating college debt and than all of the other progressive things that Sanders represented. 

So we have to rebuild, and some of us are too savvy to believe that we can do this within the DNC. 

If you and like-mined Democrats couldn't make the needed reforms in over forty years, you cannot not do now, not it in time to save democracy, because power is flowing to the top too rapidly. The only chance to stop that outflow is from outside the DNC, and outside the two party system. The DNC might even be viewed as the enemy of progress. I certainly look at it that way. 

What shocks me is that any progressives at all remain in your party. I fear that your leadership only wants them there in order to keep them "in line" and to prevent them from voting for a truly progressive party: The Green Party. 

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