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Watch the Green Party Grow: Thoughts on creating a new, revolutionary, grass roots political party that will dominate America in the near future

Watch the Green Party grow: If the word continues to gets out, and I think it just may, we could actually replace the Democratic Party as one of the dominant parties of America, and don't try to tell me it cannot happen.
Some people are mocking us, but our secret is that we don't care:
If this campaign is not zap, pow, instant success, that is okay. Owning the White House would be great, but what matters most is the direction we are going. And the direction is very encouraging. Our numbers are burgeoning right now: Our Presidential Candidate will be on the ballots in almost all states! What most Americans have not yet fully realized, is that this Green Party  is the only party that is not beholden to the big corporations, so if you want your vote to actually mean something, now is the time to stop giving your power away to unscrupulous, global industries.
Sure, we hope we can win the elections in 2016, but that is not the most important thing: We in the Green party know and understand and accept the taunts, the scorn, the skeptics. I think that in time many or most of them will be won over. I have people, mostly Democrats, telling me that I am wasting my vote by messing around with a third party. Here's why I think they are wrong:

Firstly, the Green Party is the only sustainable option, our platform the only sustainable platform, and the option we offer is the only option available to the citizens, that is not owned exclusively by corporations and wealthy businessmen. 
Metaphors: Growing a revolutionary party is like growing any other worthwhile endeavor. Here are some metaphors. 
Growing a business
If you are rich, deep pockets, that's fine, but most of us have to start small, be smart, make a plan and work that plan and grow. We have to reach our "customers" and unless we can buy entire pages in major newspapers, this takes time. We are okay with that because we have a vision. A vision that the Democratic Party seems to have lost.
Raising apples
Before you can harvest a crop, someone has to plant apple seeds, or propagate in whatever manner is current. Then the trees have to grow. The first few crops may be disappointing but you keep on irrigating. Eventually you have such an abundant harvest that you decide to call in migrant laborers to harvest the crop. You begin exporting your "apples" all over the world. Perhaps you even plant orchards in other countries. That is why the Green Party is not restricted to the United States. Many countries have Green Parties. You see, good ideas don't stop at national borders. 
Pickup sticks
You have played the game. You have to pick carefully or you will send the whole pile crashing and lose the game. Building a party is like that. You pick the "sticks" that you are able to move without collapsing your entire organization. We think the ten "sticks" cited below are winning sticks, and we are playing to win. Of course there are no guarantees. Sure, it involves some risk, some hard work, and some investment of time and effort. 
But here is the difference between the Green Party and those major parties: If we win, everybody wins, and if we lose, everyone loses. 

For those who don't already know, here are the main ideas behind the Green Party, USAA:
  1. Grassroots democracy
  2. Social justice
  3. Ecological wisdom
  4. Nonviolence
  5. Decentralization
  6. Community-based economics
  7. Women's rights
  8. Respect for diversity
  9. Global responsibility
  10. Future focus

I hope you notice that all of the above are areas in which our present, two-party system have failed to live up to American standards. In every important aspect of governing, the current system has thwarted the American Dream of life, liberty and pursuit of happiness, as most recently illustrated in the police-killing of the innocent man Keith Lamont Scott in North Carolina. He was 43 years old.

So let's get started, plant a seed, pick a friend who understands and is willing to help, raise a Green crop that will sustain the world rather than just blow things up. Besides restoring the American values we all hold dear, it is just smart business.

Credits: Thank you to Wikipedia for the ten basic values. 

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