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Why you should vote for, or support, Jill Stein

I went to send a letter to the editor of the Tri City Herald but the link seemed broken. So I will post it here for my friends and relatives instead.

Please vote Green. 
Too late? You already voted?

Then Act Green! The two-party system is falling apart and has never served the general population. It serves corporations and the wealthy few, but not the general public, yet many people who like Jill Stein and the Green Party, are afraid to vote for what they really want.

“It’s too risky to vote for Jill Stein,” a friend told me. He recommends "voting for the lesser of two weevils.”

I disagree: What is risky is voting for a failed system that makes a travesty of our general elections. We have clowns instead of candidates. We have the interweaving of the FBI and partisan politics. We have wars, human-caused climate change, polluted air, fouled soil and waters. We have corporate pipeline goons beating up on old men in prayer at Standing Rock, and hired snipers shooting and killing an eleven year old child attending a peaceful protest.

Yet our government stands by and does nothing to stop this.

We have epidemic asthma and other lung diseases, not to mention rapidly spreading digestive disorders, whereas we could have a compassionate physician in the White House! But the people don’t know this.  Instead they promote the notion that Jill is anti-vaccination, which simply is not true. Anti-vac is Jill's equivalent of Obama’s “birther” issue. It is a non-existent issue, blown up as a smear campaign by opponents. 

Meanwhile our soil is laced with chemicals and our younger people are suffering unprecedented digestive diseases linked, undoubtedly, to unproven, modern agricultural technology. We have celiac disease, gluten intolerance and more. These now-widespread diseases are a relatively new phenomenon and correspond to the corporate takeover of our food supply, which allows additives to American food that are not allowed in most modern countries, and for good reason.

Someone tells me that a vote for Jill Stein and the Green Party is a “wasted vote.” Not so. A vote for the Green Party is a vote for clean energy, safe food, healthy soil, and clean, reliable energy. Conversely, a vote for the two-party system is a vote for wars, pollution, illness and and bombed out schools and hospitals.

Yes, the Green Party is smaller but we are growing. And yes, we represent alternatives that Americans want and need: Your Green vote can make some good things happen for the first time ever.

And here is the kicker: Many Americans are not aware of us or our platform, or perhaps they are locked into the past. The Green Party is an all-new agenda, without the negative things that some people may have associated with it in the past. But if people are to become aware of this, we need your help: If Jill Stein is able to reach 5 percent of the national vote, this will unlock $-millions in government elections funds and place us in the national debates. 

Please go and pledge your vote. You can  do this even if you have already voted. It will help us to demonstrate our momentum.  Alternatively, please go to and make a donation. Small donations are fine, and you can do this even if you voted for another candidate. Thanks for hearing me out. 


Frank Ellsworth Lockwood

Richland, WA 99352

#jillstein #voteforjill #whoisjillstein #greenparty 


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