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Short Conversation between a Democrat and a Jill Stein Greenie

Talked politics with a real Democrat this afternoon. She likes Jill Stein but doesn’t think it is realistic to vote for her. Here is how our talk went.

Seems her husband (they married several years ago)  is a Republican and she is a Democrat. She is tired of hearing about politics from him. She said he had been going off about politics and she was sick and tired of hearing it. 

I was not the one to bring up politics so I assumed she wanted to say something about it. I told her that I was supporting Jill Stein, and that I had been put off by the Democrats over what they did to Bernie Sanders.

“Oh!!” she says: “Don’t you know what that was all about?” 

“No, I don’t!” I said. 

“Oh, she says,” that goes way back. And she told  me here version that went something like this: Bernie was an independent. That he had not played nicely with the Democrats. That he had not cooperated with them in the past and that he was not a “team player,” so of course they would not support him, they would not give him a boost.

Well, I knew my friend was tired of hearing about politics from her husband so i did not push it. But what I could have told her is that Progressives are well aware that what the Democrats did to Bernie went well beyond not giving him a boost, or not pushing him to the forefront. They went so far, it seems, as to actively work to try to ensure that he did not get elected, and as I understand it, they broke their contract/agreement that the DNC would be neutral; they conspired with the media, or so I have been told; they may even have committed some voter fraud as the evidence seems to indicate. There is lots about this on the internet, but anyway, I was just interested to hear the other side from someone who seemed to have an “insiders view,” more than just what I have seen online. 

What I could have told her is that, what the DNC did to Bernie had implications far beyond putting a maverick politician in his place:  Bernie Sanders represented a large segment of Democratic votes. Bernie’s  followers (rightly in my opinion) interpreted the DNC’s (illegal?) actions as a message that we as a group were not really welcome in the party. So it was not just Bernie Sanders they rejected. It was all of us, and it saddens me that some of us went along and joined up with the DNC crowd. I suspect they will be sorry, because, in my opinion, the DNC, whether they are right or wrong, have a different gospel so to speak, a different gospel than the progressive, occupy everything progressives. 

It seems that Clinton will retain a number of Progressive votes this time around, but think about this: What if Jill Stein had held a stronger position earlier on? What if she had enough followers all linked up to push Bernie Sanders over the top? Many people think that was not the case, that Jill is not likely to win this time around. But what the Democrats did not take into count was that, next time around it may well be a different story. We, the Green Party and Jill Stein, are  gaining followers every day, especially since the Sanders fiasco, so 2020 may be a whole new world. 

Take note, DNC. You are no doubt rejoicing about the collapse of the Republican party, but don’t get oo lifted up about it, because the days of your party may well be numbered as well. 

Many Americans are not overly thrilled about the results of the two-party system. What if Americans are ready for a whole new deal? Personally I can’t wait to find out! 

May the best woman win! 

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