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What Jack in the Beanstalk says about Standing Rock

This is Jack in the Beanstalk, and from up here in my leafy abode in the sky I am reporting on a country known as The United States of America. While avoiding the watchful eye of the giants, I have observed in real time as an oil company and its $3.7-billion Dakota Access oil pipeline took control of all three levels of government: local, state and federal. Ideologically driven courts also went along with the coup, while the President of the United States asked them nicely to please hold off on their construction. They of course ignored him ...

A MINORITY-OF-A-MINORITY ASKS: "Will the Green Party benefit as the Republicans win big?"

It’s official: I am a minority-of-a-minority, and happy about it. As a member of the Green Party, I am a minority of the progressive wing, a tiny political minority of a progressive movement that used to be “owned,” largely, by the Democrats. Or so they thought.

So why am I upbeat about this? It’s simple. I don’t think it will take long for Americans to figure out that this right wing nonsense is not in their best interest. It is not the best thing to happen to America or the world. Yet, it may turn out that Trump is the best thing that ever happened to the progressive movement in the long run. Here’s why:

By the year 2020, Trump may have driven millions of Americans into the Green Party. And why the Green Party? Why not the Democratic Party?

Where have all the Democrats gone? I think, and I hope, that people will soon awaken to the reality that the Democratic Party is not a progressive party now, if it ever was! In fact, they may have had that revelation already: News sources are r…