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What Jack in the Beanstalk says about Standing Rock

This is Jack in the Beanstalk, and from up here in my leafy abode in the sky I am reporting on a country known as The United States of America. While avoiding the watchful eye of the giants, I have observed in real time as an oil company and its $3.7-billion Dakota Access oil pipeline took control of all three levels of government: local, state and federal. Ideologically driven courts also went along with the coup, while the President of the United States asked them nicely to please hold off on their construction. They of course ignored him ...

So, they have more power and influence even than the President of the United States. The President backed off and seemingly went into hiding when it comes to this issue. 

So, this is the real thing folks: The Land of the Free and The Home of the Brave has officially fallen into corporate hands. 

As you may know 
The Dakota Access Pipeline  has launched an increasingly violent war against thousands of unarmed people at a place called Standing Rock. The Standing Rock Sioux Reservation is situated in North and South Dakota. The people of Standing Rock, often called Sioux, are members of the Dakota and Lakota nations. "Dakota" and "Lakota" mean "friends" or “allies,” but the oil corporation wants no part of either being friends nor forming alliances with the tribes, who likewise want no part of a dirty oil pipeline next to or on their reservation, and they are concerned that their water sources may be contaminated.

To make matters worse, the company has desecrated ancient burial sites, the native equivalent of cemeteries. I wonder what Dale Carnegie would have thought of this action, which certainly is not a good way to go about winning friends and influencing people.

Corporate giants stomping on little people 
 The brave ones are those in tents and campers, camped out on the reservation. The cowardly people attacking them at first hired thugs and dressed them in cop uniforms to harass the tribal members, but when that failed they gathered up the forces of several different agencies to carry out their intention: a war of attrition.

The thugs are now attacking after dark, making it more difficult to document what they are doing, but it is so obvious from these videos that have been posted online. The goons representing the old companies are attacking peaceful warriors who have bedded down after dark; they are spraying the people, men women and children with cold water out there in the desert in sub-freezing temperatures, attempting to force them to leave the camp.

How can this not be illegal?

Cowards in boogey man suits
The thugs wear gas masks and what appears to be repurposed army gear from the government’s fake “war on terror." They approach in armored vehicles and dangling face mask hoses. They employ pepper spray, chemical warfare, water guns and guns with rubber bullets that deface the beautiful faces of teenagers while they kneel in prayer. And now, they are doing this after dark, and adding more attacks with water cannons.

How can it not be considered cowardly to attack unarmed men, women and children who are at peace in their camp sites after dark? How can this be considered legal? Simple: It is legal when corporations own the government. There is no more government of by and for the people. And no, I am not exaggerating. There is only government of by and for the corporations. That’s it. I am glad that I am relatively safe up here in my bean stalk, but nevertheless, I wish there were something I could do to help these people.

I say so because a remnant of our nation’s once multitudinous tribes are now camped out in freezing temperatures, protecting the drinking water sources of sixteen-million people. I the pipeline goes in, the tribes are saying these waters will almost certainly become the ugly and poisonous, and contaminate of the Missouri and Mississippi Rivers.

According to Center for Effective Government, "Since 2010, over 3,300 incidents of crude oil and liquefied natural gas leaks or ruptures have occurred on U.S. pipelines. These incidents have killed 80 people, injured 389 more, and cost $2.8 billion in damages.” So it is not so much a matter of if the pipeline spills, it is a matter of how soon.

The Governments will not protect you
If a corporation takes you on, the government will not protect you, and your rights will not be recognized unless you are very wealthy. Wealthy enough to go head to head with the wealthy corporations.

The folk at Standing Rock insist that they are not protesters: "We are protectors," they say, "We are protectors of the water," and of the land, and of sacred burial sites. For this the Water protectors have been: strip searched, beaten, pepper sprayed, attacked by dogs, and shot with rubber bullets.

No government has come to help the people at Standing Rock. They have repeatedly requested help, to no avail. Instead, the government sent out reinforcements to the imperturbable troops aligned against them. No national guard protects the Water Protectors. No sheriff’s department has had the balls to stand against these ruthless attacks. The government looks the other way as an oil company insists in desecrating cemeteries and tearing up the land to run what has been called the dirtiest kind of fuel, a crude oil, for thousands of miles and across or under rivers. And they have been brutal, beating peaceful protesters, destroying their campers and tents and more.

No laughing matter
This is no laughing matter. I climbed down out of my bean stalk for breakfast today. A woman mentioned that there was going to be a protest in Richland, Washington because of the pipeline, and people sitting at our table laughed in our faces. These are people I had considered friends, yet they thought all of the above was funny? What kind of human being would think this was something to mock and laugh at? To hold us in derision?

This is not the America that I served in the US Navy to protect from all enemies.

The State of Dakota, it seems, is now an enemy of the people.

The outgoing President is cowering, I suppose, wherever a President goes to hide in shame because he knows that in tacitly approving the abuse, he has betrayed his supporters and abandoned his own values.

A new President is waiting in the wings, and he will likely will be even more hostile to the protesters.

It will not be long before the outgoing President will give his State of the Union Address, but whatever he says, the above is the state of the Union as I see it. Have we fallen this far, in the country that used to be called, “The Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave?" Have we now become The Land of the Corporate Giants and the Home of Cowardly Cops?

If you don’t like being so described, prove me wrong. Go and protect the Water Protectors at Standing Rock. Then I will know that your country is indeed The Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave.

Otherwise, I hope you own a cow that you can trade for some magic beans. You may need them if you should have the misfortune of becoming a minority, a targeted group, for just a person who wants a drink of water. Maybe you can come live with me. We can drink fairy's tears together while we watch the oil slicks flowing among the bean stalks.

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