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Just opened an email from asking me to demand that the CIA release documents on Russia’s meddling in USA elections. Here is my reaction: 
In all likelihood there is nothing for the CIA to release! 
Someone’s suspicions are not evidence: Everybody is suspicious because someone else is suspicious. This is nothing but manufactured hysteria. 
Sure there are Russian hackers, just as there are American hackers. It has no bearing on foreign relations, but we are, in all likelihood, being set up for another war, or more likely, another cold war, based upon manipulation and manufactured suspicion, very much like the war in Iraq was based upon boundless suspicions. 
This is no different, really. No different than the suspicions that led us into the Iraq war, but will we be any smarter this time around? Just like then, there is absolutely no direct evidence that has been presented, not really even any whiff of “smoke,” let alone “fire,” and I will be surprised if  the calls by well meaning US Senators to release documentation will produce anything of substance.

There is not even “smoke," let alone fire. Get over it! 


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