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OPINION: Five FALSE “Facts about DAPL”

In view of the ongoing protests over the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL), the companies are revving up their own version. They are claiming to set the record straight, and on the one hand, they may correct some mistaken notions. In my opinion, however,  they also are spreading their own false narrative about the pipeline as they go about trying to set the record straight. So here is my take on their five so-called “facts.”

“Facts" that I maintain are false or misleading in themselves.

FALSE “FACT" ONE: “There are paid, violent protesters” (implying that the tribes paid them to become violent)

This statement is made with no evidence to back it up at all. Without documentation it would be difficult to know how to respond to this but it is not a “fact” until it is documented. Did the tribes pay protesters to commit crimes during the protests? Highly unlikely, given the emphasis on peaceful, even prayerful resistance.

FALSE “FACT” TWO: “The authorities are not attacking the protesters.”

This claim is not only outrageous, it is also ludicrous, given the house of filmed evidence to the contrary. The evidence includes the use of attack dogs, rubber bullets, mace, clubbings, water guns in below freezing temperatures and more. Hundreds have been injured, one woman’s arm was all but blown off and is requiring multiple surgeries, protesters were housed in dog-kennel like holding cells. But these people FALSLY CLAIMED that they have not attacked the protesters.

FALSE (OR DISPUTED) FACT THREE: “Construction is not taking place on any sacred Native American land.”

Whether or not that was true at the precise moment the statement was written, the tribes consistently maintain that the construction already has destroyed Native American burial sites.

They also documented with videos as DAPL used armed guards and fences to prevent them from accessing what the tribes claim is a sacred site. DAPL claims that “both sides” agreed the site was acceptable. Right. So all these people are giving up their fall and winter to camp out in the snow over a sacred site that they agreed to have violated? As a Whitey singing here in my living room chair, I don’t think so.

FALSE “FACT” FOUR: “The proposed pipeline will not harm the water supply.”

This may be the biggest lie of all, given the abundance of evidence to the contrary.

You can choose who to believe: the profit-hungry oil companies or Greenpeace, which states: “As many people who watch the oil industry know, oil spills are not avoidable, preventable, or unlikely. From extraction to combustion oil is a destructive and dirty business, based on sacrificing the health of environments and peoples for corporate profits.

FALSE “FACT” FIVE: Neither DAPL nor the government  have declared war on Standing Rock Water Protectors.
With all due respect, you need to view the images at and ask yourself, is this a war zone? If you were there, one of the ones being targeted, would you describe it as a war?

When unarmed protesters and Water Protectors are attacked while kneeling in prayer, when they are beat, maced, shot at by men dressed in what looks like full-armored war gear, when tank-like war vehicles are used agains them, when they are attacked with water spray in the middle of the night, when people are trapped on a bridge with no way to escape and sprayed with firehoses in sub-freezing temperatures, what is that if not war?

Not violent enough for you? How about when a woman’s arm is shot off or nearly off, depending on whether or not the surgeons can save it, when vicious attack-dogs are released to attack the protesters?

When you see these violent video clips and more, you must ask yourself: “Is this what a war is like?”

With all due respect to the MSM and their institutional bias, I will decide for myself whether I think these companies, with the blessings of the US and state governments, are waging a kind of war on these peaceful, unarmed people defending what their Constitutional right to assemble, to speak, to protest.

#nodapl #falsefactsaboutdapl #nodapl


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