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Six problems with the narrative of Russian meddling in USA elections

I am skeptical of the CIA/DHS and President Obama’s narrative linking Russian meddling to Trump's  victory in USA elections of 2016.
I am not a Trump supporter. However, the USA is expelling 35 Russians from the USA based upon the (false?) information that Russia meddled in American Elections in order to get Donald Trump elected. I think this is bullshit, and here is why.

If Donald Trump were really elected by Russian President Putin, and not by the American people, then the American elections of 2016 would be invalid, which would mean that the elections would have to be called invalid, and we would have to start all over, with new, fresh, untampered-with elections.

President Trump would not like this. Nor would his millions of supporters. But those are the implications. You can’t just say, “Oh well, Russia rigged our elections,” and then go on with business as usual.

President Obama’s response has been to announce sanctions against Russia, but sanctions do nothing to restore justice to the American electoral system. If Russia affected the outcome of our elections, the government would be talking about the next steps, would be discussing what we can do to fix this situation.

1) The government would be presenting evidence to the American people to convince them that our election was invalidated. In reality, several months have passed and the government has presented zero evidence of any affect upon our elections by Russian officials.

2) The government, Congress would be involved in discussions and investigations trying to determine just how much affect Russian interference had on the outcomes. But this is not being done either.

3) The government would have long since announced the election null and void, but there has not even been a whisper of doing this.

4) And perhaps more tellingly, there are no indictments: The implication of the allegations is  that Julian Assange of Wikileaks or his sources would have been named in law suites for treason. The fact that this has not happened shows me that CIA et. al. do not have a case.

5. If the CIA/DHS were that smart and that well informed about who was involved with turning over the information -- the Podesta files and Clinton emails -- to Assange, they would certainly know who gave the information to Assange, would have named them, and the Attorney General would have had them arrested. The fact that this has not happened tells me that the CIA, the DHS and the FBI do not have proof, do not have even enough evidence to indict.

6. Furthermore, there are other, more effective ways to "meddle" in an election without drawing so much attention to the fact. The simplest, and most direct, and time-honored way to influence elections is to donate money. If Russia hacked Clinton's emails and then smeared them in her face, it likely was for other reasons than to affect the outcome of the election, although that might be a desirable outcome.

A more likely explanation for the trumped up charges of election tampering, is that many USA Congressional representatives have "dirty laundry" hidden within their private email records. What we are faced with is the revelation of the guts of our electoral system, the maggots that are devouring our government from inside America's colon that we call "Congress."

Furthermore, certain individuals in the USA have reason to want government to escalate tensions between USA and Russia. George Soros, among others, is a wealthy and politically involved individual who has a personal beef against Russia and Putin.  In addition to that, the Democratic party, Clinton and Obama have every reason to impugn Trump’s presidency, as do establishment Republicans.

In short, Trump has lots of opponents if not enemies, in the USA government, and he has been “soft” on Putin, saying he would like to improve relations with Russia. But many in Congress may have a financial interest in worsening tensions with Russia.

Russia’s Putin, is the “devil” that Americans love to fear and hate. And this fear and hate is what enables the war machine to keep us perpetually involved in wars and or arms races, both of which are incredibly lucrative for a few wealthy political donors, and equally costly to the rest of us.

My instinct says, “trust but verify,” but when it comes of verification, non is forthcoming. This tells me that, more likely than not, the whole thing about Russia’s alleged tampering with USA elections is, at the least, an overblown balloon. When that balloon explodes, I would not want to be standing anywhere nearby, let alone to be one of those holding the "string.”


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