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Ten predictions: Why Bob Dole’s lobbying for Taiwan makes me nervous

Will Taiwan become the “Israel of the Pacific?” Bob Doles lobbying for Taiwan  makes me very nervous, although if it were not Dole, someone else would fill the role.  

The U.S.A.’s arms dealings  in the Mideast are well known: We managed to keep wars alive for 30 plus years, and to keep the $ billions flowing to favored contractors.  Today’s article about Doles role in Taiwan has me wondering, “Are they planning now to do the same in the Western Pacific?” 

I wonder if the plan is to make Taiwan the new “Israel” of the Pacific, to use Taiwan (and possibly other islands) as a buffer between USA and China. Certainly the NY Times article* mentioned the selling of arms to Taiwan. Is this to create another amphitheater of war that  keeps China preoccupied with her old enemy-sister, Taiwan? 

There has been a lot of noise about China’s developments in the Pacific islands to establish a ring of defense. Could it be that China is anticipating (and responding to) plans for Taiwan’s increased armament? Or is it that China’s moves incited the increased war-planning and cooperation  between USA and Taiwan? 

Either way, when the USA sells weapons to other nations it is for one of two purposes: Either as “deterrents,” or as the build-up for war.  But the real money for war contractors (and the real national debt for the rest of us)  lies in war, not peace. Clearly, China wants to control Taiwan and see that as her right and duty. Is it in the security interests of the USA to arm nations for yet another war? Certainly it would be profitable for the war industry. 

Here is what I predict but please tell me I am mistaken: 

1) Companies will sell $ billions in arms and various services to Taiwan and possibly other Pacific islands, getting richer in the process

2) The USA will extend credit to these islands.

3) USA (and US/global) banks will lend the $ billions, with the American people “signing the loans” and holding the bag if these Islands should default.

4) When China attacks or threatens one of these islands or attempts a takeover, the USA will declare it a threat to the USA, whether it really is or not.

5) The USA will begin to supply air support, which will be matched by China’s response. 

6) The USA will say we must have “boots on the ground.” They will send our boys and now, girls, to die in these wars. Our boys and girls will join the military because there will be few other opportunities for them, since our jobs will have mostly either moved overseas or have been replaced with newer technology.

7) In this war process, beautiful countries will be destroyed. Modern cities will be reduced to rubble, invaluable, ancient religious and historical sites will be demolished and lost forever. Later, the USA will lend money and hire favored contractors to rebuild the countries at ridiculous prices, funded of course by the USA in the form of foreign aid.

8) As with the war in Iraq, America’s national debt will soar, and fiscal conservatives will say that we must eliminate our social nets, reduce or eliminate services to the poor, the ill, the elderly. 

9) The governments of the various states and the feds will determine that we must give massive tax cuts or tax shelters to these war industrialists in order to keep them producing their goods in America. 

10) Americans will enthusiastically approve these tax breaks for the rich as well as the austerity for the poor, as our “patriotic duty.” Thus the poor, the infirm and the elderly will finance these wars as they have all others.

* Reference:  lobbying for Taiwan

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