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Green Party’s Honkala sues in Federal Court for alleged voting irregularities

On Thursday, we filed a lawsuit in federal court,” Honkala wrote: She is asking the courts to grant her an new election.   
Background:  Cheri Honkala: Has alleged voting infractions/irregularities in District 197. Now she is taking her arguments to court.

In Philadelphia’s largely Democratic 197th District, Republican Lucinda Little had just a few votes, with the lion’s share going to a number of write-in candidates, including Democrat Emilio Vazquez and the Green Party’s Cheri Honkala.” Read below to learn about the lawsuit.

Green Party of the United States calls for “a revived antiwar movement,” condemns missile attacks

Today the Green Party of the United States issued a press release and statement on the USA’s missile attack on Syria. 
The release strongly condemned President Donald Trump's unilateral cruise missile strike on a Syrian government airfield. It  also called for  A halt to further military action by the U.S.An impartial probe of the Idlib gas attacks Emergency negotiations  to stop further bloodshed and prevent expanded Cold War conflictAn arms embargo on all sides Although the U.S. alleges that the President Bashar al-Assad government is responsible for the gas attack, that claim disputed by some journalists covering the war and was denied by President Putin of Russia.
Impartial investigation demanded
The  Green Party wants “an international, cooperative and impartial investigation of the nerve gas attack in Idlib province that killed scores of civilians” and presumably motivated USA President Donald Trump to order the strikes.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and other leade…