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Seth Conrad Rich: Is the trail to his murderers really dead?

Is the trail officially dead, or will Seth Conrad Rich,  a former employee of the DNC, rise from the dead to finger his murderers?
By now, many have probably forgotten who Seth Conrad Rich was: Those who have followed my posts and Facebook comments  may recall my angst that the Conrad’s murderers were not being investigated. That neither the FBI nor anyone else seemed to take the case seriously. They blew off the case as a robbery gone awry, although from the evidence it appeared he had not been robbed: He was shot in the back and left to die, and the single most important, potential source of information about the motive — his computer — was hardly mentioned, if mentioned at all, by the press. Why did it seem that nobody was interested in retrieving and examining that computer for evidence?
Here is some of what we know about Rich:
Seth was “a source” for Wikileaks, the outfit that leaked Hillary Clinton’s emails and the so-called “Pedestal emails”Many of us believe Rich was a Wikilea…

What is right (and wrong) with Citizens Climate Alliance.

I was thankful knowing that citizens were there to stand in the gap at last week’s Citizens Climate Alliance rally in Richland, Washington.  I do not, however, understand why they would want the proceeds from a carbon tax to be returned to the citizens directly. That is a nice gesture, but it might actually worsen the problems it is intended to resolve, assuming the intent is to move us toward a greener future.