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Excerpt from a possible novel: Suicidal tendencies of a nation An ounce of prevention ...Monday, November 20, 2017

An opinion: Dedicated to my Green Party Friends on Facebook:

Guess  what the House Armed Services Committee just admitted (But their solution will blow you away even more.). An Admission of Neglect?Mac Thornberry, Chairman, House Armed Services Committee cited complaints that “over 60 percent of the Navy's F-18s cannot fly,” that they have a shortfall of over 100 aircraft, and that “we have become one of the smallest, oldest-equipped, and least ready forces … in the Air Force’s history.”

If true, what an admission of neglect, considering the military’s budget over the last decade. Some 47 percent of our discretionary budget goes to military spending and we outspend the next six or seven nations combined, including Russia and China and others. What did they do with all that money if they were not maintaining our equipment?  I wo…