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Green Party should not be fooled by Gabbard's latest announcement


Are the Green Party and other progressives making an impact? 

You bet! But don't be fooled: Some Democrat leaders are now trying to prove the party is progressive ... again. It would be a mistake for progressives to go for the bait.

In fact, the DNC is now so desperate they could do away with Superdelegates, the bane to Progressives, to democracy, and of course to the Green Party. But don't hold your breath.

Are the Dems about to over a new leaf? Pardon me for being skeptical.

Tulsi Gabbard, the Progressive Democrat -- Some see her as a surrogate for Bernie Sanders, or even as a potential Presidential candidate -- published a letter yesterday (Nov. 27, 2017) announcing that former VP nominee Senator Tim Kain is calling for the DNC to eliminate superdelegates from the primary process. 

While I respect Gabbard and I do not doubt her motives, I fear that she is being used as just another Trojan horse to get inside the Progressive movement. The DNC is good at splitting off members from other organizations, including the Green Party, and as we all know, this is what happened with Bernie Sanders in 2016. The DNC used him to split our ranks, and that ruse was effective. Sanders was used: Will Gabbard now be used in the same manner?

Gabbard has called for Dems to write the DNC, asking them to support the move to eliminate the superdelegates. While this might  improve the DNC, I think I have a better plan: Write to Gabbard and Sanders and tell them this: 

We Greens are serious. We mean business. You can pick on us, join us, collaborate with us, or run against us, but you cannot ignore us: The Greens will not enter the elections late again in deference to a Progressive Democrat, as happened in 2016.  

With the Democratic Party falling down around her ears, Gabbard should consider that it is the Green Party, not the Democratic Party, that represents her values. 

Go Green, Gabbard!

Frank Ellsworth Lockwood

Green Party Membership Coordinator for southeast Washington State

(Permission to republish granted by author, provided you cite the author's name.)

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