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Did Russia really “meddle” with our elections? (Maybe nobody really wanted to know: Excerpts from Jill Stein Letter)

Who really “meddled” in our 2016 elections? Or did anyone? Does anyone really want to know?

Memorably, Senator McConnell stated on Fox News that Russia had committed an act of war by meddling in our elections, yet now, over a year later, Stein points out that “The source code for voting software has never before been examined for evidence of tampering or errors that would compromise an election!”

Incredibly, while some Senators were beating the war drums over supposed meddling in our elections, neither the states involved nor the CIA, FBI and NSA, nor the courts and the White House ever insisted that the code of the red-flag machines be examined. In fact, the states intentionally prevented this from happening, using various legal and stonewalling techniques.

Stein’s legal team is still fighting for an accurate, secure and just voting system that is “free from interference by any intruders, whether foreign or domestic.” Certain governments don’t seem interested in helping the effort.