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Did Russia really “meddle” with our elections? (Maybe nobody really wanted to know: Excerpts from Jill Stein Letter)

Who really “meddled” in our 2016 elections? Or did anyone? Does anyone really want to know?

Memorably, Senator McConnell stated on Fox News that Russia had committed an act of war by meddling in our elections, yet now, over a year later, Stein points out that “The source code for voting software has never before been examined for evidence of tampering or errors that would compromise an election!”

Incredibly, while some Senators were beating the war drums over supposed meddling in our elections, neither the states involved nor the CIA, FBI and NSA, nor the courts and the White House ever insisted that the code of the red-flag machines be examined. In fact, the states intentionally prevented this from happening, using various legal and stonewalling techniques.

Stein’s legal team is still fighting for an accurate, secure and just voting system that is “free from interference by any intruders, whether foreign or domestic.”  Certain governments don’t seem interested in helping the effort.

Now this: Excerpts from a recent Jill Stein letter

At long last, Stein’s team may get to examine the secret voting machine “source code” that controls the actual counting and the tallying of the votes. Maybe.

During the recount, Stein’s team had claimed the right to examine this software under a new, unique Wisconsin law that should have allowed her computer voting experts to check for evidence of human error, intentional interference or tampering by anyone - whether foreign powers, criminal networks, domestic partisans, or corporations that control the voting software. Not surprisingly, the vendors of the voting software used by Wisconsin, Dominion Voting Systems, Inc. and Election Systems & Software, Inc., have opposed Stein’s request and have sought “an unfair confidentiality agreement that would prevent us from communicating with the public about our findings - even if we agreed not to disclose anything proprietary.”

The WEC has been reviewing Stein’s request and the vendors’ response and they expect a final decision “very soon.”

If not granted access to the crucial source code software, and the ability to share our findings with the public, the team will challenge their decision in court.  

“The 2016 election was remarkable for evidence of hacking into multiple voter registration systems, private voting software companies, and local election officials’ computers. That makes it all the more surprising that no one has checked to see whether the hacking extended to the voting software used during the election.
Stay tuned for an update from Wisconsin soon.”

In Pennsylvania
Stein had sought a Federal Court order for a statewide recount, including an examination of voting machine software. The court denied that access in December 2016. That decision derailed the Pennsylvania recount effort, but Stein’s team has challenged the constitutionality of Pennsylvania’s complicated recount procedure. The suit also calls for a forensic examination of voting equipment in order to verify the accuracy of the vote. Since Pennsylvania voting equipment is mostly paperless, there is no other option to verify the vote. The case and its appeals are a long way from over, so Greens must keep an eye on this issue.

Activists resisting Pennsylvania’s regressive laws
In addition to the lawsuit, Pennsylvania has grassroots action on election integrity and voting justice. Supporters are working to prevent Pennsylvania from enacting restrictive Voter ID laws, and other disenfranchisement schemes like the wrongful purging of legitimate voters through programs like Interstate Crosscheck. Stein noted a “stunning” legal victory against gerrymandering in a case led by the PA League of Women Voters.

“It’s clear that the struggle for election integrity and voting justice won’t be easy or quick,” Stein wrote, “but it is critical for building a real democracy that our future depends on.”

“Thank you for leading the charge, and for making all of this possible with your initial recount support!”

“It’s in our hands,”

She concludes:

“PS. If you have questions about the recount effort or ongoing election integrity litigation, please take a look at our Recount 2016 frequently asked questions. If you don’t see an answer to your question, please send it to us and we’ll do our best to answer it.”

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