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Citizens Speak Up About Mental Health Tragedies in Benton/Franklin Counties, Washington

Below, residents describe their frustrations, and their grief, at the perceived failings of our county’s record on mental health, identification and treatment.
A group of us are calling for a multiple-agency Consolidated Crisis Response Center to address what we view as the system’s current failures and shortcomings.

Sad Stories from Benton/Franklin Counties

Sad stories 
We (a group of advocates and family members of people who have been in crisis)  allege that a number of patients in our region either were shot and killed, or died of preventable causes, sometimes while in custody: at least four lives over a period of several months in recent history.
February 10, 2015:  Antonio Zambrano was shot 16 times and killed by police for rock-throwing, but family members reportedly said he was mentally ill and had been denied proper treatment.  It was reported that Zambrano was on the same street corner one year earlier hitting cars with a stick as they drove by.
March 11, 2016:   Teenager Mark Anthony Moreno was arrested and placed in Benton County jail where he died 8 days later.  
His crime, as we can best determine, Marc suffered mental illness and his Father, Brother and Sister desperately pleaded for help from Mental Health providers he was instead arrested and put in Benton County Jail – where he died without proper medical help…http://www.…

Benton/Franklin Citizens calling for new CCRC (Consolidated Crisis Response Center)

INFORMATION SHEET ON NEED FOR CCRC Citizens are now asking multiple agencies to create a new CCRC (Consolidated Crisis Response Center for the mentally ill and others in crisis.  Please support this effort.
“When the Restoration Center connects mental health, health care and first responders, police fire and medical together there is a huge marked improvement on how our Community Mental Health System can and should work.” (Claude Oliver)
What follows is an information sheet, a follow-up or edit/expansion of an earlier article: “Heal Mentally ill patients: Don’t shoot them!”
We believe our region can and must do much better, with counties, cities, and agencies working together to serve, protect, and heal the mentally ill.