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Virtual Tour of The Restoration Center

They knew there had to be a better way: There was!

Local Group organizing: meeting Friday to discuss Crisis Center for the mentally ill and others.

A local group of concerned citizens is organizing to push for a regional, Coordinated Crisis Response Center in Benton and Franklin Counties.  The workshop will be held Friday morning (June 8, 2018) at Claude Oliver’s office in the Tri-Cities Realty Group, 1919 N. 20th Avenue, Pasco, Washington. Please join us if you can. The Crisis Center is needed to prevent tragedies such as the shooting death of a young man (believed to have been mentally ill) for throwing rocks at police, as well as other local tragedies. For more information contact Claude Oliver ( ) or Frank Lockwood . Meanwhile, please sign the petition if you have not done so:

My (Green?) thoughts on zoning and urban sprawl

Frank Ellsworth Lockwood   Opinion: Urban Sprawl versus citification. Are there really only two choices?