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Attempted Coup in Venezuela with Abby Martin, Greg Wilpert, Paul Jay

Best video I have seen to date on Venezuela. We just need to be aware that these events have been planned and carried out with the direct and indirect support of the United States, interfering and taking advantage of a horrible situation. We could have been the "good guys." We could have dropped the sanctions. We could have facilitated dialogue. We could have opposed the illegal attempts to take over a democratically elected government. We could have stopped weaponizing oil prices (along with Saudi Arabia. Please watch this. It is well worth the time and certainly better for one's mind than, you know, Beavis and Butthead.



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Green Party is not red, is not blue, is not the oligarchy.

Green  (Is not  Red   is not   Blue ) Kennewick, Washington  Political Opinion By Frank Ellsworth Lockwood Some people have been pushing the notion that if you are a member of the Green Party you should vote for a Democratic, but there is another side to this argument. If you are a Green, then you are no more a Democrat than a Republican is. Green is for things that the Red and Blue oppose: While Green Party is for peaceful coexistence, Republicans and Democrats have supported wars-for-profit for all of my life. (I am 75; they will not be changing any time soon.) Green is for live and let live, while Red and Blue are about greed and conniving, and this is no exaggeration when both of the above have always supported the overthrow of democratically elected socialist governments, replacing them with puppet governments, dictators and tyrants who practiced suppression-for-profit. Green is for racial and economic equality as well as for recognition of tribal rights. Our 2016 Pre