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Climate change versus American business: An armchair analysis

My armchair analysis and predictions: Climate change will be impossible to deny, especially if governments don't take actions to address it soon. A lot of people may be hurt or killed, whether in natural events or in human conflicts. Those living in regions that are less affected by climate extremes will be asked to foot the bills, so it is going to hit everyone but especially those who doe not have tremendous power or leverage over Congress and the military. Below are three scenarios of how I think things might go down. (Let me know what you think will happen.)

I think oil and weapons manufacturing are in so many of the mutual funds that retirees are liable to be hit pretty hard if those companies fail. I imagine they will be diversifying like crazy, trying to take advantage of the new industry of environmental cleanup. Also, industrialists are likely to demand access to retirement accounts in return for concessions that force them to address or remedy for climate change. This can be done in so many indirect ways: For example, by tax legislation, by cost shifting; even by the up-pricing of necessities: In other words, they could wipe out our savings without a direct transfer money out of the retirement accounts. 

Meanwhile, some groups will be calling for the socialization of all business, so there will be pressure on Congress from all sides. Those with the most money will likely win. Although protests may give rise to riots they will likely be mostly suppressed but not stamped out. Some groups will be making a lot of noise and there could be efforts in many states to regionalize and change state boundaries. Worst case scenario might be civil wars, gorrilla warfare, or even a military coup.

Best case scenario: Governments agree to address climate change head on, demilitarize our economy, regulate and/or breakup of large corporations. We could see decentralization of industries, a combination of central and local regulation of banks (the municipalization of the banking industry). Communication lines (internet) could become utilities, protected for all to access.Patriot Act and wartime powers could be rescinded. 

I don't expect a best case scenario, however, although I hope we can avoid a worst case scenario: Hopefully chaos will not erupt and destroy everything that is beneficial to humans and to earth's natural eco-systems. Businesses could decide that the threat of climate change requires immediate action, and could use their vast resources to force government action, but they would likely try to push the costs onto the little folk, as always.

Will we resist and push back against the corporatization of all things big and small? I don't know. The propaganda mills have wrought such destruction and molded public opinion to such an extent, that it is hard for me to imagine a complete turn-around, or the willing relinquishment of power.


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