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Green Party is not red, is not blue, is not the oligarchy.

Green (Is not Red is not Blue)

Kennewick, Washington 
Political Opinion
By Frank Ellsworth Lockwood

Some people have been pushing the notion that if you are a member of the Green Party you should vote for a Democratic, but there is another side to this argument. If you are a Green, then you are no more a Democrat than a Republican is.

Green is for things that the Red and Blue oppose: While Green Party is for peaceful coexistence, Republicans and Democrats have supported wars-for-profit for all of my life. (I am 75; they will not be changing any time soon.)

Green is for live and let live, while Red and Blue are about greed and conniving, and this is no exaggeration when both of the above have always supported the overthrow of democratically elected socialist governments, replacing them with puppet governments, dictators and tyrants who practiced suppression-for-profit.

Green is for racial and economic equality as well as for recognition of tribal rights. Our 2016 Presidential candidate, Jill Stein, agreed with tribes that "water is life," and she stood with demonstrators at Standing Rock, defending the drinking water of millions of people, but Red and Blue politicians looked the other way as oil/banking interests hired goons in the guise of police, brining in vicious guard dogs and water guns to attack peaceful protesters in subfreezing weather.

Green Party is for the people: Living wages not minimal wages, health care for the people not profits for the corporate grafters. Greens want communities of color to be policed with the same standards as wealthy white communities, while decades of practice demonstrate that the Red and Blue hats want more of the same dual standards in policing, education, and safe drinking water. Dems and Republicans are only minimally different in their approach to low minimum wages that are not tied to a cost of living index.

Green is for protecting the environment and creating sustainable economies and governments; Red and Blue usually side with corporate interests when it comes to extraction (perhaps Red more so than Blue).

Green is a third party struggling for recognition, and as such represents alternative voices, more choices. Red and Blue do everything in their power to ensure that our system will always be limited to only two (often bad) choices.

Green is for racial equity in policing; Red and Blue is about for-profit prisons. Green is about radical reforms; RB is about maintaining the status quo and protecting corporate/personal property rights above all else. Green is for decentralizing business RB is for concentrated wealth. Green is for democracy, voices and choices; RB is for the oligarchy.

Please don't confuse the Green Party with the Democrats or the Republicans. We are none of the above. Voting Green will change the national conversation and force the other parties to take a second look at their policies as well. Be seen wearing Green!

Green is for the people, Red and Blue are for the big banks. Green Party is exploring and discussing ways to decentralize our economic system, breaking up the banks too big to fail or possibly creating government owned banking system. While, in my opinion, there may not be a consensus yet on the details, there is a great deal of interest in changing the economic system.

Green Party wants your vote to count, which is why we support Ranked Choice Voting (RCV). So far, it has been difficult to get Red and Blue parties interested, perhaps because, as experience has shown, they would have to be more responsive to the public with RCV.

Greens care about your family's health. Reds and Blues care about your health only so long as they can financially profit from your illness.

Greens run national candidates who are educated: According to Wikipedia, Jill Stein, our 2013 and 2016 candidate, graduated magna cum laude from Harvard College, where she studied psychology, sociology, and anthropology. She then attended Harvard Medical School and graduated in 1979. After graduating from Harvard Medical School, Stein practiced internal medicine for 25 years at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Simmons College Health Center, and Harvard Pilgrim Health Care, which are all located in the Boston area. She also served as an instructor of medicine at Harvard Medical School.

In short, you will not hear Stein recommending that you drink bleach to treat the Coronavirus.

According to same source, Stein's running mate, Ajamu Baraka, received his BA in international studies and political science from the University of South Florida, Tampa in 1982 and his MA and PhD in political science from Clark Atlanta University in 1987. He organized delegations to Nicaragua in support of the Nicaraguan Revolution and then became an Amnesty International volunteer, eventually moving up to the board of the organization.

At least one of our 2020 recognized candidates attended Princeton University (BA), University of Windsor (LLB), University of Detroit (JD), and Wayne State University (LLM). Another attended Dartmouth.

Our 2008, Presidential Candidate David Cobb graduated from the University of Houston Law School in 1993 and has a long list of accomplishments, including co-founding of Move to Amend. His running mate, Cynthia Ann McKinney, was an assistant professor at North South University, Bangladesh, left Democratic Party and ran in 2008 as the presidential candidate of Green Party US as running mate for David Cobb. Look them both up on Wikipedia.

In spite of their intellectual inclinations, many of our candidates have also had their feet planted firmly in the middle or even, some might say, lower class. as Teamsters, activists and more.

In short, our candidates know where places are on the map, they are intellectual and practical and have given a lot of thought to the ideas they represent and they understand the far reaching implications of policy decisions.

If our platform sounds appealing to you, please check us out at Thanks

Frank Ellsworth Lockwood M.S. Edu, is a former teacher, newspaper reporter, landscaper and jack of many other trades. He co-founded Green Party of the Mid-Columbia in southeastern Washington State. 

Please share/republish this with appropriate credits to Frank Ellsworth Lockwood. Thanks. 

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